Kia Soul commercial

Hamsters play the main role in Kia's Soul commercial

Kia Motors America has launched a very cool video commercial at the beginning of April. To promote it's stylish new Soul crossover the company has teamed up with David & Golliat advertising agency and they together launched an add that showcases Kia Soul crossover and a bunch of giant hamsters riding down the street. Giant hamsters driving a car? That's right, giant hamsters play the main role in the latest Kia video commercial.

The latest Kia Soul commercial ad depicts a computer-generated Levitton populated by hamsters. As the rodents spin in place on their hamster wheels, waiting for the traffic light to change, the drudgery of their gridlocked exercise is suddenly interrupted by the arrival of a red Kia Soul. When the car pulls up to the intersection, the passenger-side window rolls down to reveal a posse of three giant hamsters while listening to the cool music and moving their heads with the beats coming out of front door speakers. Obviously the giant hamsters are clearly enjoying their ride.

The Kia Soul commercial has been aired to the US consumers through different media such as cinemas, cable tvs. The ad is specially targeting younger people, so the carmaker has also lined up a major integrated sponsorship, buying time on the MTV Movie Awards, Discovery Channel and Comedy Central.

There have been five essentially the same Kia Soul commercials aired through various networks so far, but each of them has featured a different artist and played a different song. All of the songs proved to be very popular among targeted audience - Y-gen consumers. Songs that can be heard in the Kia Soul commercials are performed by popular artists including MARZ ft. Pack and Mumiez, The Potbelleez, Goldfish, Calvin Harris and MSTRKRFT feat. N.O.R.E.