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Kia Soul commercial songs

Hey fellow Soul commercial fans! Welcome to the Kia Soul Commercial Songs website that reveals the songs from popular music artists playing in the Kia Soul hamster commercials!

A few weeks ago Kia released a hamster commercial to promote it's all-new 2010 Soul urban crossover. The video commercial, which included a Soul and a bunch of hamsters cruising down the street, while listening some popular songs has immediately become a major hit among consumers.

The Kia Soul hamster commercial has been aired in the US cinemas over the past few weeks and also on TV
. There are five commercial variations of the same spot in rotation, each with a different piece of music. The cinema cuts feature “Bounce” by MSTRKRFT and “Fort Knox” by GoldFish, while other three include Do What You Do by Marz, Colours by Calvin Harris and Junkyard by The Potbelleez.

The Kia Soul hamster commercial, which has been created by an independent, Los Angeles based, creative agency David & Goliath, lasts exactly one minute and has been created to attract the Gen-Y consumers.