2010 Kia Soul

Kia Soul
has been first introduced as a concept car at the 2006 Detroit Auto Show. Positive reaction from the auto show visitors have encouraged Kia officials to go ahead with the Soul project and bring the vehicle to reality.

In 2008, Kia surprised us with a trio of Soul conecpts indicating the production-ready Soul model will soon be released. Kia Soul Burner, Diva and Searcher each featured it's own "soul". Underneath their wildly different surface treatments, they were all the same vehicle.

Coated in black satin paintwork, the Soul Burner was pronounced as a bad boy of the three. It has been equipped with large 18-inch wheels and featured dragon tattoos over it's body. The front bumper of the Soul Burner featured LED technology equipped head-lamps, while at rear there were two vertical exhaust pipes integrated into the bumper.

The Kia Soul Searcher featured different exterior lay-out with leather finish on the bonnet and folding roof. The leather has been also applied to the tailgate panel and the dashboard.

The Kia Soul Diva has been created as a fashion accessory for a style-conscious young-at-heart woman. It was like a supermodel with an aura of glamour, a bit flashy but playful and fun!

A few months after the concept introduction Kia unveiled it's production ready 2010 Kia Soul. The Soul has just gone on sale across the world and has already posted some strong sales results. Thanks to the effective advertising campaign and great Kia Soul commercial songs, the model has become very popular in the US and Canadian market, while in Europe Kia already sold more than 5000 units.

Speaking of Kia Soul commercial songs, there are five different songs played in the funny Kia Soul commercial
, that showcases giant hamsters driving the Soul and listening to the music. Songs are performed by popular musicians such as MSTRKRFT, GoldFish, Marz, Calvin Harris and The Potbelleez.

The all-new Soul crossover comes available with three four-cylinder engines. The smaller one has a displacement of 1.6L and produces 128 horsepower, while larger 2.0L generates 142 horsepower. In Europe, the Soul is also available with a 1.6L diesel engine that generates the same amount of power as a gasoline powered unit.

Like many of its established competitors, including the Scion xB or Honda Element, Soul's appearance can change dramatically, depending on which wheels, color combos and dealer accessories an owner chooses. There are over 60 different accessories available for the 2010 Kia Soul.

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