Kia Soul hamsters commercial is back!

Kia Soul is back and so are the popular hamsters!

Remember the cute Kia commercial hamsters? They're back. Like a blockbuster Hollywood film returning strong with a sequel, the award-winning KIA advertising campaign gets a Part Two, titled "This or That".

Once again, Kia Motor America's advertising agency of record, David&Goliath, creates "This or That", an adorable TV ad for the Kia Soul. The endearing TV ad is what the Kia Soul is all about. It is a unique urban passenger vehicle that can easily be personalized by its owner. The creative, MTV-ish TV commercial rocks to the hip-hop groove of "The Choice is Yours" soundtrack by the popular 90's hip-hop group, Black Sheep.

The new Kia Soul commercial was launched on cable TV Networks Comedy Central, Fuse, MTV, MTV2, and Spike, and will be aired until the end of July. It will also be played in movie theaters across the country beginning May 28 as well as online at Pandora, Facebook, Social Vibe’s Petville,, and YouTube.

Michael Sprague, marketing vice president of Kia Motors America, explains why they brought back the hamsters. "Given the success and popularity of the hamsters in the initial Soul launch with a spot that won Nielsen's Automotive Ad of the Year, it made sense to bring them back for a new campaign,” Sprague said.

"We know the Soul target audience is digitally savvy and that they viewed the first commercial multiple times online, so the newest experience is rich with details in the hamster world and integrated Soul content for them to discover during repeat viewings."

This time it's a full-blown campaign that includes "Hamstar(TM)" logoed clothing that may be purchased by fans at Who knows what else KMA can come up with – action figures, hamster dolls?

Here's a teaser (if you are among the few who may have not seen the "This or That" commercial yet at this time). You will see our oversized hip-hop hamsters in hood behind the wheel of an Alien Green Kia Soul. They pass along city streets dancing, grooving, and singing, "You can get with this" – pointing to the shiny Kia Soul, "or you can get with that?" – pointing to un-cool hamsters trying to ride giant toasters, washing machines, and cardboard boxes.

Even without researched facts to prove it, the adorable hamsters may have had a lot to do with Kia Soul's success. The modern, techno-savvy Soul had received several awards such as one of the "Best Family Cars for 2010" by and Parents Magazine, the "Best Hatchback of 2010" by, one of the "2010 Top Cars for Families" by, and just recently, one of the 2010 "Top 10 Coolest New Cars Under $18,000" from Kelley Blue Book's