This or That; 2010 Kia Soul commercial

Kia Motors brings back cute hamsters by introducing new commercial for the 2010 Kia Soul crossover.

The brand-new Kia Soul commercial is called "This or That" and is a follow up of the initial Kia Soul advertising campaign. The award-winning Kia Soul commercial was created by Kia's U.S. advertising agency David & Goliath.

The initial Kia Soul ad featured loveable Hamsters driving the hot-looking Kia Soul crossover and listening to hip hop music coming out from flashing speakers. The commercial spot won Nielsen's Automotive Ad of the Year award.

Here's the latest official press release from Kia Motors:

Soul is a unique and highly personalizable urban passenger vehicle and the new spot builds on its creative theme in the style of a music video set to the classic hip hop track "The Choice is Yours" by notable 90's hip hop group Black Sheep. The new campaign launches today on cable TV networks Comedy Central, Fuse, MTV, MTV2 and Spike and runs through July.

Beginning May 28 it will appear in movie theaters across the country as well as have a presence online at Pandora, Facebook, Social Vibe's PetVille, KMA's and a YouTube contest.

"Given the success and popularity of the hamsters in the initial Soul launch with a spot that won Nielsen's Automotive Ad of the Year, it made sense to bring them back for a new campaign," said Michael Sprague, vice president, marketing of KMA.

"We know the Soul target audience is digitally savvy and that they viewed the first commercial multiple times online, so the newest experience is rich with details in the hamster world and integrated Soul content for them to discover during repeat viewings."

Cruising through an urban landscape behind the wheel of an Alien Green Kia Soul crossover, the hamsters in This or That cleverly compare Soul's unique styling and plethora of personalizable creature comforts to other boxy rides - represented by toasters, washing machines and cardboard boxes - while rapping the title song's lyrics, "You can get with this, or you can get with that."